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23 May 2011

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16 May 2011

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23 September 2010

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18 December 2009

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Strand Coffee
23 September 2009

Recent Comments

omid on 20090618-40D-0113
very nice! so beautiful frame, colors & lights! L O V E L Y !

Riccardo on 2009618-0169
Lovely great pic!!!

Riccardo on 20090618-40D-0113
Lovely portrait!!

LE on 20090618-40D-0113
very nice skin tone and composition :)

manic 3 on 20110428_5946

Ainsley on 20110504_6071
nice dan, love the mood and lighting. can't decide if it feels like the effects of a heavy night drinking or a ...

alex centrella on 20110504_6071
nice shot !

sylvain santelli on 20110306_5320
beautiful idea which makes a beautiful photo and introduces a nice way to watch movies !

Roman on 20110504_6071
beautiful low-key shot! great work.

flyingwind风飞扬 on 20110504_6071
Sweet night! Marvellous shot!

Garfield on 20110428_5862
O I like this one! Creative focus, depth of field, angle and sharpness of the main subject - wow

Katrina on 20110428_6013
Ahh glad to see some of the photos from out London trip =) Check you out being all Walker Evans-y!! Really love this ...

Katrina on 20110503_6023
Ooh i'm impressed, not only are you embracing colour printing and using film even more, but it's also ...

Philou04 on 20110306_5320
Creative and pleasant shot. Congrats.

Jaytee on 20090618-40D-0113
Great shot! Those blue eyes are stunning!!

Shahryar on 20110306_5320
interesting :)

sylvain santelli on 20110118_4915
so true ! lovely ken loach mood ...

Ainsley on 20101222_4645
St Crispin, I remember the feast day as it was the same day as the battle of Agincourt :) Would love to snap inside the ...

Ivy on 20100504_danfoy_8539
Lovely and sweet. :)

Ainsley on 20101106_3534
i deffo agree with kat, but even your rubbish stuff is better than my decent stuff :)

Kat on 20101106_3534
Ahh that was a good night =) The other day when you mentioned that you hadn't shot much this month i later ...

Nathan on 20100127-5D2-4993
Any chance it was a little cold? excelent mood, lighting and DOF

Holwar on danfoy_20010708_0859
Spot the odd one out =p. Love this shot!

Steve on danfoy_20100919_2383.jpg
A very nice portrait!

Katreena on danfoy_20100919_2383.jpg
Since when did you start calling me Katrina?! =P I seem to remember is was rather chilly that evening. Love the ...

Judy on Phil and Harriet
i love all your photos, but this is one of my absolute favourites (:

Gabs on danfoy_20100909_2220
There is NOTHING more beautiful than the English countryside...........Don't see it for a few years, and then when ...

Katreena on danfoy_20101010_2776
Cant wait for some leaf crunching autumn shoots together =)

Inessa on danfoy_20101010_2776
sweet-) looking forward for more fotos

Inessa on Shh
ahhhh incrediably awesome shot!

Ainsley on danfoy_201009_r1f8
you are the master, never the student Mr Foy. Love the eyes.

Ainsley on danfoy_20100909_2220
OMG i Love Dovedale as if i didn't recognise it from the sheep i must of seen at least nearly all of them.... plus ...

Ainsley on danfoy_20100909_2220
where was this taken? you should add a bit more background info :D looks very peak district...

danfoy on danfoy_20100909_2220
they do, they were at it all day. didn't know you had an am3 :-)

Ed on danfoy_20100909_2220
those sheep sure do love a good composition

stijn on 20090618-40D-0113
great colors ... her eyes really jump out

armin on Kayla
she is beauty !

Ankita Chatterjee on 20100416_danfoy_7358
nice background :D

Ankita Chatterjee on 20100504_danfoy_8539
goodone :D

Ankita Chatterjee on danfoy_20100618_0498
nice DOF .

alex centrella on danfoy_20100618_0498
well caught !

flyingwind风飞扬 on danfoy_20100618_0498
Delicate capture!

bev foy on danfoy_20010708_0859

d on 20091222-5D2-4179
i just saw some of your pictures, congrats for you work and passion, and keep them runnig for better and better ...

zaoldkillua on 20100416_danfoy_7358
I love this photo. I love your lens. Perfectly amazing. :)

Marcelo on Urban portrait
preciosa. saludos.

Marcelo on 20100504_danfoy_8539
Beautiful. saludos.

Curly on 20100504_danfoy_8539

Nicole on 20100504_danfoy_8539
Great portrait!

Kat on 20100504_danfoy_8539
Katrina Harrison 'likes' this

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